Jan 022011

I have seen requests for the Gobolinux hidden directories for Ubuntu asked many different times on the Ubuntu forums, yet have never seen any actual kernels released. So, wait no longer and pick up the Gobolinux kernels along with the Gobohide tool all in your friendly .deb format. I actually initially pulled this off in Archlinux but the people over in Archlinux IRC channel did not seem to enthusiastic. Sometimes I fear the Archlinux distro will fade into history with the condescending and closed minded views of Archers (Archlinux users).

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  1. [...] Gobolinux Kernel and Gobohide (install all 3 packages) Thanks to Keshto for the tip | via k2z (CC) http://www.webupd8.org 2009-2010. | Daily Ubuntu / Linux news and application [...]

  2. Hi,
    Just so you know, I ám very interested in an Archlinux spin off with gobo hide.
    I would also be interested to help you out on this, very much so!
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Can you put your pkgbuild for the gobopatched archlinux kernel in the AUR?
    I’d like to try and see if I can manage to hide /proc /dev and /sys before they actually mount in the init. Sure I’ll find a way.
    fstab can be used to mount –bind the old FS hierarchie to a more human approachable one.
    I made a script to create gobolike ‘/Programs’ folder in archlinux (with symlinks). Together with a script for ‘unowned’ files that makes a pretty, simple solution don’t you think?

    Imho it’s important that the new FS hierarchie can be created using a package from the AUR. This way you create less averse with Archlinux and you actually add something (constructive) to the distribution rather than making a mear clone. Quite sure that a lot of archusers will like it!

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