Mar 302011

Exquisite is a Ubuntu Linux spin off that offers a beautiful and simple interface. The goal is to provide a minimal out of the box setup. The following are some programs that are included firefox, pidgin, skype, dropbox, full open office suite, pinta, all mp3 and other multimedia codecs, banshee, vlc, and minitube (youtube client). By downloading this image you agree to the java, dropbox, mp3, and other licenses that are included. Click here to download.

Exquisite Alpha Screenshot

What has changed? (changelog)
Short Answer = Not that much.
Longer Answer:
Added pinta.
Removed nvidia drivers (was causing problems on non-nvidia units).
Changed plymouth theme so it is compatible.
Added gnome-panel for completeness sake.

Jan 022011

I have seen requests for the Gobolinux hidden directories for Ubuntu asked many different times on the Ubuntu forums, yet have never seen any actual kernels released. So, wait no longer and pick up the Gobolinux kernels along with the Gobohide tool all in your friendly .deb format. I actually initially pulled this off in Archlinux but the people over in Archlinux IRC channel did not seem to enthusiastic. Sometimes I fear the Archlinux distro will fade into history with the condescending and closed minded views of Archers (Archlinux users).

Dec 182010

(The following is a paper by a college girl who has been using Linux for the past 2 years and her thoughts on the whole computer mumbo jumbo. Which I think developers need to listen more to. [note: article has grammar and spelling with it.])

The easier the better. What I look for in my computer operating system is that it should be fast, easy to operate and updated frequently. A lot of times, I find that the Linux software fits this criteria but often lacks in how easy it is to manoeuvre. For most people, the Mac software is the “easiest” to use because everything is very straightforward and simply organised. But what really excites me about using my computer every day is the style of the software and how I efficient multitasking can really be if you have the right software that fits your needs.
The first thing I look into is what programs I most commonly use. Personally, I have my Internet browser which is Google Chrome, my Word Processor and then my Music Player which is Rhythmbox. All of these programs work extremely well with my work and is easily accessible by placing the icons on my “Favorites”. The other format I really like about Ubuntu Linux is how the Update Manager has consistent reminders for update packages and thus, increasing the new and improved software of your computer. But often times I find myself having trouble downloading certain programs that I want or need for other purposes such as Skype or other convenient programs for more social networking. I also notice that many people like these types of programs to keep in touch with family and friends that may be overseas and so on. For Windows and Mac, applications such as these are easy to install whereas Ubuntu Linux is a little more troublesome. But besides this, I think people really like to use the Internet as their main application. Another factor to consider is the entertainment of what a computer is capable of; there are various applications for movies, music, games, pictures, and all sorts of interesting programs to spend hours at end on. I, personally, see myself using my computer to connect with others and to find a means of entertainment.
For people like me, who are less knowledgeable of how computers really work, I think simplicity is the key. Because most people when they think of any software connected to Linux, they are unfamiliar and think it is too complicated. My instinct of the matter is that yes, it can be hard to use if you aren’t ready to be open-minded for a bit of new style and formatting and no, Linux is not just for “geeks”. I, myself, love Linux’s operating system because I feel connected with everything I do ,when I want to do and how I want to do it. I enjoy going on my computer because to me, it’s not a Mac, Windows or Linux, its part of my way of expressing myself through what I do whether I am with my friends, family or just by myself – it is my personal storage of my thoughts, ideas and creativity. A computer gives a person a chance to create and by this the access to programs that are openly constructed and easy to adapt is the most beneficial factor. Most people look for software that fits what programs they will be using, but what they don’t realise is that every computer is capable to do as you want it. That is if you learn how to use it the right way, which includes the software it has as well. It really doesn’t matter what operating system is the best because overall, every system has it’s individual formatting.
I, do however, admit, that I don’t use all the applications available on my computer. I’m not sure if all of the applications that came with the operating system are all useful to me but I do plan on exploring more of these options. But I do like how my applications are set up and organised because it makes it easy to find what I need in a more efficient way. As far as what I know, a lot of the applications on my computer give a good amount of options. For example, in the the “System” tab, a layout of various icons appear, all of which have different functions. In the first part, there is a choice in the style and design of your computer layout with a wide selection of color preferences and even settings for other manual functions such as the keyboard and mouse compatibility. After the preferences there is the administration section. This section is full of interesting programs and applications to help organize and update your computer. One of the main programs being the “Synaptic Package Manager”, other useful tips include managing various accounts on your computer as well as disk utility and computer management. What I find most useful about my computer is its speed and accuracy in assisting me with my organisation of important files and documents and the ability to have me connect with people through various social networks while getting my work done at the same time. There’s nothing better than being accomplished and having some entertainment on the side.

Dec 152010

Some of these changes I could not agree more with, while others I feel different about. However, regardless I think he has the right idea.

If you use Linux long enough, you’ll soon discover a list of things you wished were different.

Here are 24 things that we wish were different.

What would you change? Share your thoughts in the comments.

1. Fix sound once and for all

ESD, aRts, OSS and ALSA are all old news: PulseAudio is where it’s at, apparently, so why doesn’t it work for so many people?

Sound should be a solved problem by now, but rather than focusing on making the majority of cases work, Linux’s sound system policy appears to be about reaching 75% compatibility before focusing on corner-case features that a select few need, before tossing it away and starting a new sound system project…(more here)

Dec 122010

In my experience, the biggest obstacle to user conversion from Windows to Linux are the little incompatibilities that trip up users. Some of the incompatibilities may be minor. However, users can get frustrated even with minor issues when they occur often enough or during situations when they are important.

In order not to create unrealistic expectations, I often tell offices and people I advise on this matter that they should expect some incompatibilities and they should learn to work around them or to live with them. This is the price of freeing themselves from giant monopoly and the fear of raids from the software police…Click for full story

Dec 052010

This is an alpha version (download) so expect errors. This spin-off is highly influenced by the good fellow over at archbang. It comes with a very minimal setup, a sample of the programs included are the following:

  • Window-Manager: Openbox
  • Panel: tint2
  • File Manager: pcmanfm
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Instant Messenger: Pidgin
  • Terminal: lxTerminal
  • Editor: Leafpad
  • Programming: Scite
  • Image Viewer: gpicview
  • Media: DeadBeef,  Mplayer
  • PDF-Viwer: Evince
  • System: Network-Manager, Gparted, Yaourt
Install Notes:
Login with user “live” and install form terminal by running “arch-install”

Usage Notes:
Right click on desktop to get menu. For title bars of windows, double left click to maximize/restore, right click to minimize, middle click or left & right click to close.

Simple, clean, fast, and sexy.